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Tupac Alive In Cuba (Independent 2014)

   Will be the first experimental with or without bullshit about posing banjo as the ultimate musical instrument of satanica’s production through the works of Lanza Manza bringing his expressive mastering self-inflicted products based on Folk-Drone, Viking Punk, Death Metal Ambient to Hardcore Screamo models on this banjo from hell first steps to the surface debut in Deceiver Ov The Banjo Gods. If you liking to have as many oddities as you wanted to then this recording weirdo is a good pick-up with thus strange or unusual tracks to share within Snoop Dog Dank (feat. Nino Castaneda), Top Kek (feat. Harrison Hunt) onto others like You Look Like an Angry Old Lady, Car Alarm, Stubbed My Toe and Pork Sandwich (feat. Banished Souls ov Forbidden Desire). 

This Ocala – Florida guy sounded not alright but actually, he is having fun doing this !