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Tripping Rumpshaker (Shelflife Records 2006)

   Garage Sale EP + Remixes by Brittle Stars would be a great choice for those whom liking Jangle-Pop and miracles of Pop touch and the group consisting of Estelle Baruch (vocals, keyboards), Dan Sobus (bass guitar), Josh Ney (drums) and Steve Clay (keyboards, guitar) brought this Gainesville – FL’s Indie Pop combo sensationally, known in a local area even within the uniting, the disbanded and the founding times story recycling like forever onto the band’s history, one should noticing that the music that made by the group is really beautiful, peace-making, romantic and of course, adorable. 

   Handful of practices and many loader shows must be a good exercising for Brittle Stars on performing what they’re written down and composed pretty much well here on the mini album plus the re-mix recordings session fits for the neighborhood selling and kissing momentum after school special over the awesome listening time on Falling Backwards, Disorderlies, Someplace and You Went in Phases – Original Mix as well as Souvenir to Occasional Appearance. 

   Remembering your old days era of Alternative Pop blossomed days ?