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Treasures Little (Reveal/OK! Good 2014)


   Portraying the best views and re-captures thus Folkish of a great natural background and lost stories on the top of the mountain of Icelandic wooden house; there’s our talented growing reputations and concerning young artist/singer named Hafdis Huld Thrashtardottir lives.
Stating her solo career in music after several project broke, this girl proclaiming herself without being a sarcastic screamer or weirdy acts to follow but one and many of the rest of the audiences could seeing her presence over the releasing albums on her solo recordings. 
   Home might be the latest one of “a must have” album on release nowadays because it is nothing but a real honest composing tracks praising mother nature for being kind to her and her family and you should thankful to it as well. 
Reykjavik’s simplicity perfections caught almost entirely via thus Folkish-Pop themes written for Queen Bee, Sunrise, Wolf, Lucky and Empty Eyes. 
   Hafdis Huld best acoustic guitar for our companion as well as others benefits off the tactical softener piano/strings arrangements within the music sounds to make you thinking twice next time in a morning wake up to thanking for your better life aspects towards Pop Song and I Miss The Rain.