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Transmitting Blind (Not On Label 2016)

   When you wanted to have the new millennium mixed genre or old Classic rocking sounds then, you might considered to have the Chicago, Illinois Experimental Psychedelic Doom Rock made of the latest US Rock scene by the essential name of Killer Moon. 
The gorgeous musicians making their sounds like physical progressions of non-halted long hauling heavy duty of skills and techniques comparable in companions by the likes for Black Sabbath, The Doors, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin as the lead singer and guitarist Jesse Garza, Anthony Macias (drums), Amaris Aviles the female bass player to their keyboardist Zak Bronson extended the philosophy of a magic lantern for the stepping up the high mountain on the enriched of the good soul promising between instrumentals, the musical poetry lyrics to the spoken words or spells chanting onto the distorted barracuda attacks tempo that will proclaiming the audience to head-banging harder after the introduction of Space-Rock theatrical for eight minutes more on Temple of The Son to the next Live Fast Die Young or Dazed in almost fifteen minutes long taken from the debut album form the group right now – Nocturne Into Nebula. 
As the sound-effects pushing each-others, the audience flooding with intensive electrifying images or noise as well as the good taste themed tracks being written and recorded here like Africans from Space to As Above So Below; completely sealing the loss and given the survival – a new story to share to the community of distorted front society pressure. 

Nocturne Into Nebula: