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Torn In Two (Light Drop Music 2015)


   Starting as one of the promising girl drummer with not only power but techniques that can make you staring onto her looks – beautifully and graceful with her branding smile as Meytal Cohen was born in Ramat Gan – Israel and successfully uploading many of her drumming covers video on the Youtube channel long before then she decided it’s time to embarks as not a soloist but a group and after collecting her ammunition in form of band-members like Eric Emery (lead vocals), Travis Montgomery on lead guitar, Doc Doyle the rhythm-guitarist to the band’s another beautiful female bassist Anel Orantes Pedrero completing the band which baptized altogether under the fine simple name of Meytal.
The main focused for the listeners and audience must be for Meytal Cohen the leading role as mighty drummer (with her completed operatic drum-sets) but also the mind-sets to sets the pilgrimage of this band on their journey entering the Progressive Hard Rock and Modern Metal realm as the releasing window opened trhough the debut album – Alchemy.  
  An almost forty-three minutes duration and the excalation of hybrid sound-purging exploded via the exhibited mixing of Power Metal, Modern Nu Metal, Hard Rock and Progressive-Rock all in one unity blasting heavily from the secular themes and ferocious drumming from Ms. Cohen as well as the others like Ms. Pedrero on cranking bass-lines to the melodic double guitar rips and solos brought the essential music written by the band themselves: Everybody Hates You Now, Nothing, Killing Time onto Immoral Exorcist or Tear Me Apart. 

Great vocals, awesome blocking of heavy music performance and endless amazing looks by Meytal and Anel.