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Today Beauty Tongue (Columbia 2015)


   Definitely the next continuity for any Pink Floyd fanatic fans can finding their pleasure of erasing thirst through the solo works from David Gilmour – the guitarist born on Cambridge not only because he was and kept being the soul of his legendary famous Progressive Rock masters Pink Floyd but also the guitarist, singer and song-writer has found his personal purposes via the excellent years of soloing and produced more his own musical projects and we will wanted more from his creativity more and more.
   From the fourth recording releases of David Jon Gilmour; you got Rattle That Lock and not just like the next steps of a journey from not farther than the thematic themes around Division Bell type mixed with some old/modern fashioned Classic tunes added for Prog-Rock, there you have his tricks wisdom playing along the lines of Psychedelic and Pop-Rock combinations as well via the solo guitars and melodic choruses trip on Faces of Stones to Dancing Right in Front of Me or The Girl in The Yellow Dress onto A Boat Lies Waiting which seems to exaggerating the ideas off Peter Gabriel, Seal and Genesis with Pink Floyd’s spirits clinging on the tracks and sounds which also cuddles cultural effects of Country-Folk, environmental wiser Chamber music ballad or greater messaging focused on communications for everyone to care and realizing the facts among us. 

Rattle That Lock: