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Toad Cousins (Lefse Records 2011)

   Either you loved Lo-Fi Pop or Indie Rock swings and rock-a-bye-baby to Jangle Alternative music from Sacramento, CA then – this Ganglians crew must be your ultimate new choice to pick and listen. 
The trio of mighty simple melodic harmony vocals and licks provider: Alex Sowles, Kyle Hoover and Ryan Grubbs possibly would not be recognized the moment one passing them on the road-sided but as the music like this exposed to public many would rather sing along and dance silly than trying to find the reasons for not liking the band because you didn’t know them best. 
   Yet, the provisions of ideas and daily themes for the record – Still Living really wasn’t as sorrow as its front cover picture; Evil Weave, Jungle, That’s What I Want and Bradley could be your favorites, friends ! 

Still Living: