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Thrills Deprivation (Partisan Records 2010)

For your information: Holy Sons is actually formed by one man after his previous band broke-up like a modern-day Alternative Rock version of Emo-Elvis in honesty not disguises, playing his acoustic music as we’ll meet  Emil Amos for moving himself as decided to Portland, OR and detailing focused onto the regular basis on doing shows and writing more materials and some are paid-off for Holy Sons to sharing stages with popular names like Devendra Banhart, Daniel Johnston, Quasi and J Mascis respectively. Not related to tragic story of The Revenant with Alice in Chains druggy background but these Electric Blues or Slow Rock sounds over the album of Survivalist Tales! 

As it telling you the fighting of the wild as Look of Pain and Reckless Liberation to Sympathetic Strings and A Chapter Must be Closed as Slow Days coming in right on the showdown for ultimately crowning whose the real champion of the wild; sang quite sarcastic by these ex-Brooklyn inhabitants. 

Survivalist Tales: