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This Is Slowcore (Loomernescent 2011)

   Experimental Indie-Rock noise of Pop and Post-Rock Shoegaze or Trip-Hop Folkish from Melbourne small group used to be known locally as The Kritzlers featuring Simon Pearlman or Thomas Bullock but later on change their name with the debut recording album title – Cochlear Kill permanently for themselves. Sounding hallucinogenic and addictive side of Pop modern music that rocks softly as the keyboards or synthesizers touches melody appears like the Northern lights – harmless and non-toxic to listen by anyone whom already love the band since picking up the record the first place. 

This cassette displaying artwork songs has been mixed/produced by Mot Bollox and yes, you may loving it like a girl you just met today right in a first sight of love or you just ignoring this and move on. 

Tracks to listen or visited more later would be: Scarlet Sometimes, Psuedoephedrine, To Anywhere But Here, Chroming and Head In The Ether.

Cochlear Kill: