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The Vigil (Art Of Groove 2011)

   Susannah Melvoin (twin sister of guitarist Wendy Melvoin, the Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin's sister and Jazz pianist Michael Melvoin) looks lonely and sad as she might thinking about how the superstar of Minneapolis, MN – Prince left her and every single fans forever that day but actually, the message off Gaslight album from the group formerly known as The Family but later on turned onto fDeluxe; consisting by other members with talents like Eric Leeds (saxophone/flutes), drummer Jellybean Johnson or Paul Peterson the lead singer and keyboardist as well as Ms. Melvoin on vocals for the quartet. 
The beauty spiritual-soulful vocals, groovy goodies, power-beats ensemble to the danceable popular music performance of the most eccentric collaborations between Jazz-Funk, Modern Pop, Rn’B, Bluesy ballads, Classical Soul and awesomeness to declares. Lifting up the spirits and carry on moving your body and shake those things harder for following the beats and fully soulful capability of what you can call as a delightful art and musical craft made of Minnesota. 
There’s Beautiful You, Lover, Leeds Line, Over The Canyon, Sanctified and Drummers and Healers that can be a great company for the work day’s night where nobody there for you but these finest outfit.