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The Potion The Wave (Bandcamp 2012)

   Opening back the mid-past story of your late figurine for these San Francisco – Californian musicians after the original band broke-up as the trio of Lauren Bjelde, Felix MacKnee and Tyden Binsted forming Royal Jelly while guitarist Johnny Cat did Coo Coo Birds; one still can listening to Sufis’ Blues Garage, Gypsy Jazz Rock, Rock N Roll Surfing and Swing melodic through this self-titled recording which might sounding retro but not too boring to you whom loves parts dynamic, parts intriguing and parts tolerant towards these unusual musical project. Sufis lend their only five recording tracks of magic which delivered through Ancient Lover or Don’t Lean on Me and Til I’m Gone that comes in medium tempos and carried still – the Psychedelic rhythms' side-effects of thus old hippie atmosphere from the flower generation era to be liked by the audience.