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The Misery Color (Blood Fire Death 2017)

Don’t get too viewing the logo symbol on the front cover as an anti-christ mark made by these Metal-Core/Death Metal dealers from Spain which one should wisely pick because of their totality of bashing musical beliefs rather than just being another mediocre group from Southern parts of the European continent. Hummano believes that these twelve songs in their third album – Genocide; truly leads the exact steps onto the metallic promised land for vocalist Sito Shutter, guitarists Fer Diez and Alfon Valladolid to bassist Pablo Fernandez and drummer Adrian Arteche not just for dressing up silly but menacing in common pleasure on destroying your sound-system once the package is on played on it and let the crazy bursts of smashing back-draft force techniques off No Gods No Masters, Stench of The Earth, Black Mirrors or White Paranoia turns everything worst into Def Con One situation !