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The Fire (Not On Label 2016)


   Ritualistic or mysterious but existing quite familiar – you know that there’s a spacing place between heaven and hell where creatures and witches dwell their own magic hidden shadowy room as the sacrificing of the innocents shall continues and there’s no criminal laws there only obedience for celebrating eerie death freely without no laws made by the makers can touching or condemned them. Witches of God is the Doom and Sludge project which also mixed with Alternative Rock and Indie-Pop aggressive riff-age and heavy brute metallic extremity produced by Samur Khouja (Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart with no breaks for exploring any possible darker realm visible or not to be written as lyrics or magical mantras above everything but faithless equality for the races to choosing their own paths of living – even when they’re murdering victims which snatched from another dimensions of men; dragging soundlessly into the corners of silence to the lair.
   Torturing themes and variable melodic from the hardest blasts to thus harmony peaceful acoustic sounds may appears through Burn Forever, Between Darkness & Day or Some Die Slowly off They Came to Kill atmospheric occult rituals.