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The Bittersteel (Tribunal Records 2017)

Terrible moves for your faithful family for having a moment where one of your lovely son decided to turning into Metal-heads and comes back and bring Excruciator with him.
A modern day American Speed Metal unit from Portland – Oregon blasting their main themes of Satan, Sex and booze lyrics into this fucking fast and annoying music plays on your damn stereo on a hot sunny day by the bastard quartet: Tony Papasadero (bass), Sebastian Silva (guitars), Miles Starr (drums) and Chris Birkle (guitars, vocals) in their recording release Fighting For Evil. 
There’s nothing possible to save your family again from the tighter strangled hands of wicked Thrash meets Death Metal fusion by Excruciator and as you head-banging harder, your little brother biting your mom’s tits on the other room and your lame grandpa fucking the maid for adding a more crucible and cursing moment today just because they can and the mighty tracks like She Commands, The Power Lords, Altar of Lust as well as Lay The Hammer Down to Champion Eternal sounded like a b-side epic movie of sorcerer and masked barbarians clashing and slaying for the ultimate vengeance over the righteous and the light-bearer.

Fighting For Evil: