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The Ancients Tomb (Prosthetic Records 2015)

Phoenix – AR known well for its extreme hot weather with more desert sands and dry-lands and for the bonus for anyone who loves Black Metal Progressive or Atmospheric instrumental project of a duo: Ryan Wenzel (guitars, keys) and Rich Corle (drums) on a form of Tempel blending the metallic dark of melodies and Death Metal elements blistering high-levels within the destructive mystic and occult-based beliefs and themes towards the second releasing in The Moon Lit Our Path. Long durations of those progression riffs, heavy drums and powerful grooves over techniques reveals the deep secrets of the dark universe through the opener Carvings in The Door (08:21) onto Descending into The Labyrinth for about twelve minutes and nineteen seconds or closing by the last track in Dawn Breaks Over The Ruins … 

Praising the dark metallic music and the pagan views in yourself by this !