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Thanatos Spiral (Relapse Records 2014)

Dangerous demi-gods of Occult-based themes as the double pedals or growler vocals roaring the intersection of your rotten heart’s rooms by listening to the effective Doomy/Death metallic succumbed of temporary hatred inducing sounds exploding from these Brooklyn, NY group – Tombs did well again on the latest effort: Savage Gold. 

As the consisting figures for the lonely anger metal-heads permanently owned by Andrew Hernandez II (drums) to Mike Hill (guitars, vocals, programming) with some additional names to complete the line-up; ten tracks of furious tension of ultimate Black-metallic sensations given onto Portraits, Séance, Deathripper, Echoes or Ashes. 

Blindly walks to Edge of Darkness in front of you - laughing !

Savage Gold: