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Tempest Bones The Roots (Nebular Winter Productions 2016)

Monica Finger a.k.a Lux or Nival alias Zachary Smith of the United States part of Rochester – New York deliberates their Black Metal Atmospheric  in the talk of lyrics about nature, death, spirituality and darkness below within the cursing over modern life in a more Progressive Extreme Metal demands that the audiences of head-banging needs to have within Sojourners as the combinations of drumming, vocals female power and guitar/vocals by a male satanic related background and anti-religious force making the performance of Black Metal by Mavradoxa duet sounding different, professionally metallic and extremely independent. Five tracks available on Sojournes plotted by Mavradoxa here sending the concrete slabs like driving movements to either; influents or killing people whom desperately needed no further forgiveness afterlife. 
In case it went passing the ribcage songs of  Mist of The Tides, Enshrouded in Dawn or Cenotaph; the minutes flown out away or wasted somewhere won’t be replaced by kindness no more. Cause evil reigns after the ignorance and envy ruling your crowned throne …