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Tea Drop Tear (Head Records 2008)


   Produced by Jeff Raglus himself and thanking most of his colleagues for contributing onto this record; you need to know first about Jeff Raglus – as an Australian multi-instrumentalist musicians, trumpet player and painter among other of his good talents sparkling bright for the Bellatrix album release that shall attracting most of the Free-Jazz and RN’ B toned to Soul and Pop-Funk audiences not because the sound would be damn funky dirty or such but along side of being ordinary, the album comes out uniquely teasing within its indifferences and beyond future musical approval via the compositions like Back in Kensington with Kasper Raglu on acoustic guitar or drummer Simon Dawe aside again for Mountain Girl with Nicky Bomba (drums) and Jody Bell and Rebecca Barnard doing the harmony vocals and even better liking to listen to your parents or lovely auntie who loves Pop music – giving them drowning into Spare a Thought for The Old Days as later on meet again via Spook House Dub and Mr Pumpy.
   Playing his choices of taylor flugelhorn, hofner 65 galaxie electric guitar onto Gibson J45 acoustic or a benge trumpet onto henri lefevre cornet would be kind of weapon for wrapping all of his excellent slow-tuned characteristic semi-Rock N’ Roll and Jazzy-Pop into Indie Rock total creations for this listed tracks and some of you will then, liking him more …