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Taol-Digoll (Northern Silence Productions 2010)

   Hailing its Celtic heritage high with valour and nature as well as sorrow onto their Black Metal alliance in Pagan occult allegiance within – these Treguier, Brittany – France group Belenos led by Loic Cellier (vocals, guitars), Antoine Guibert (guitar, backing vocals), Yohann Mahe (bass, backing vocals) and Marc Le Gall (drums) are something you will honor or respect for head-banging and relentlessly, non-religious acts exported in loud double pedals and dignity for blasphemy in complete. 
Through their great record Yen Sonn Gardis; Belenos come with raw force but never failed to attracts more audiences to serving darkness and Celtic dark pagan lyrics or atmosphere here on nine tracks of pouring hate and tortures over the awesome artworks for the front cover. 
   From the five minutes fifteen seconds of Hollved Hirisus to the six minutes and twenty-six seconds Gorsedd and En Argoll the closing song; everyone would then, knows how powerful this joint of metal-heads quartet really is as dangerously extreme to forbid by god himself.

Yen Sonn Gardis: