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Tak Tersisa (Bandcamp 2017)

   Jeritan meaning is always be horrific as well as the scream in English and the name for coherent disturbing apocalyptic and meaningless noises experimental electronic project solo/group led to raids by the conducted actions from this East Borneo guy named Fatturahman Alifadzri Arham which not countable but through this mini recording called Turmoil; the Drone Power Noise of Electronic experiments of Borneo parts of Indonesia might being known better internationally with its harsh force of down-graded tempos to the head-bashing explosions over the combinations of how you combines those practical terror wall of both horror and disturbance effects into one particular album to play its part on destroying your nerve cells with the decoded doomsday hidden messages projected via the noisy art full destructive man-made music by Jeritan. 

Either Disaster, Post-Catastrophe or Pestilence would all be a destruction results for your stereo system and ears.