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Taalith Twin (Autumnsongs Records 2015)

   Stated as a solo project instead of the main character female multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn – New York whom used to be a party member of M. Gira’s Angels of Light or Bee and Flower groups before decided to re-occuring by herself to her own dream-scapes feelings for both haunting voices, groans of lap-steel beats or thus deep intense oscillations over synthesizers and you then knew her as Dana Schechter with the help from Portland’s drummer/electronics  from Taurus; Ashley Spunginas as Insect Ark brought to us this recording of Portal/Well. 

   Dense melodic and colder branches of Gothic Rock, Electronic-Pop to Ambient touches atmosphere really opening the gates through your other dimensions as well as the invisible well for souls  mystic music groove towards The Collector and Octavia connected by Lowlands and the rest of your chosen tracks emerging like a bad karma sounds above your forsaken figure surrounded by dark of the nights, starlight and spells unknown from the other side …