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Swimming Runaway (Bandcamp 2016)

   Think about how some bored kids in a boring town like Mississauga, Ontario who can’t get drunk calling their hometown – High Home in a surprisingly super deluxe edition garage, home and small cheap studio with plenty pride for having Bryan Adams as their most well-known Canadian rockers at heart – written their own similar songs like it’s a lost materials from the b-side of Waking Up The Neighborhood or something. 
The Bryan Adams actually is consisting of a duo of Bryan and Adam; playing their own musical instruments as for thus whom being a fanatic fans for the artist himself might get lucky, smiling for being happy and jumping and scream because of thus pleasure amount contains on the track-lists materials for High Home album. 
   Try to sing along with Cousins, 5 & 10, 26 West and Die Young because even the real Mr. Adams would laughing for being ripped off and run out of money if this band ever existing nationally wider later !

High Home: