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Sugarcane 3U (Self-Release 2017)

   Crush on popper views and Hi-NRG beats sounding perfectly wont ruining more of your days today as being a victim for listening to Public’s extended play recording as these Cincinnati, Ohio nurturing your ears on Sweet Lemonade EP by using the trio’s Power-Pop Electro beats made or written in simple tasks by John Vaughn (guitar, lead vocals), Matthew Alvarado (bass, synth, vocals) and Ben Lapps (drums, vocals) as the dancing sessions begin with the first track come up on air – 4 Her stands for four minutes and twelve seconds is a very modern opener music while the next one On My Mind already locked your imaginations for great weekend where beautiful girls sitting sweaty under the hot sunshine smiling back at you via the rest of this e.p. 

Be gratify for life’s still holding chance for one more good-times.

Sweet Lemonade ep: