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Strychnine Down (Wisconsin Chair Company 2014)

Issac Moses Stroupe comes from Atlanta, Georgia as he brings to you his American Primitive Hillbilly and Lo-Fi Blues sounds in semi-acoustic and low-profiling features looking down to the trouble world in jeopardy – trying to spread the simplicity, wiser words and out-backed stories like an invitation for y’all to get in touch with the natural basic-ground from this brilliant non-mainstream Bluesman known on stage as Moses Nesh – releasing his compilation effort on The Lovely Ohio.   

Mostly written and arranged by himself and more traditional-based influences; a good high quality vocals, music and tracks to follow by its wisdom themes all encrypts on the mixed Bluesy/Folks acoustic sounds within the titles like Cat In The Rain, The Duel, Talitha Cumi or The Battle of Austerlitz. 

A remarkable slide-guitar music for the quiet twilight timing. 

The Lovely Ohio: