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Strides The Mammoth (Bandcamp 2015)

   All instruments and productions credits goes to Dirty Mike Alcala as the story of Goat Bong was developed several years ago with an encrusted, long-haired, deviant and too much witching hours in the night with some bedroom music written and recording in San Antonio, Texas had creates this evil possessive one man solo project of metallic Desert Rock, Classic Bluesy Hard Rock, Stoner Metal and a home-made recording of instrumental Drone or such over the minimalist album title – Drudge, Dregs & Degradation EP. 
   Leave the rest of your religious beliefs before entering the step of an opener four minutes and twenty seconds – In The Den of Goats track before the next comes up in mid-tempo bangs of Sabbathian psychedelic satan’s creation retro energy over A Spire in The Mist which illegally fueled by occult-based spirits. 

As men falls harder, prince of light rules supremely powerful ! 

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