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Strapped Bombs (Riot Ska Records 2012)

   Considerable as the 4th wave comers as everyone’s already learning that Ska-Punk Hardcore is dead – the facts telling the different thing as you might loving to pogo dancing or ridiculously, punching people for following the skanking chaos moves not forbid while Toronto’s Ghetto Blaster playing their debut on your stereo. 
Within the melodic trippy Ska mewed imploding and progression of aggro-punk tempos and Hardcore blasts really would not stopping the beast inside the group’s personality and the simple album like Think For Yourself related to the fans of zombie-flicks heart-attacks the greedy town central without permission and soon destroying your beloved modern city-scape and public attractions in bloodbath, eerie and silent gloom in turns. 
But as the beats reacting to the daily themes some kids would agree with; let the older people had the headache not you and lean on thus rocking tension captures between the fabulous smashing tracks like Whatchu Gunna Do, Beloved GTA, The Art of Judging a Book by Its Cover to Day of Defeat, We Don’t Need You or the Skankin’ anthem over Unite may shared the rebellious, the fun-times and the horror-zine aspects in all balancing listening hour for the comeback of Ska-Rock ? 

Think For Yourself: