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Stowaway Daphne (Loose 2017)


   Within the deeper roots of Rock n’ Roll sounds based on their American music sound heritage; The Americans maybe your newer favorable acts as the young group performing on David Letterman shows, had Grammys or filling on Reese Witherspoon’s wedding while not doing national tour, backed up by Nick Cave, Tim Robbins and Lucinda Williams too on the road.
   As a trio of Patrick Ferris, Jake Faulkner and Zac Sokolow shall reminding the old folks about the first time seeing Elvis, a brand new version of Chris Isaak or more up-tempo Alternative Rock version for the new millennium audiences not just as a soundtrack for life but a spiritual guidance for rock loving community of the United States. 

These band of Los Angeles' performances via Last Chance, Hooky, Gone At Last, Harbor Lane or The Right Stuff – might be perfect sounds for a quiet evening glance … 

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