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Stolen Enoch (Bandcamp 2015)

   Collectively consisting as quartet: Mvr (vocals), Hai (vocals), Franj and Alex O – forming their group with a simple name; Role as rumored to be founded in whether London or Madrid but who cares if they’re not from this earth because the music creates here by them sincerely, sounding romantic, chilling and eerie beautiful as you can be the witness for listening to How Distant. 
Like young innocent Siouxie unit shifter gang asking the audiences to having them on the pub’s bill invitations as for making the Saturday night becomes colder but sensual to spend with lesser few people around as thus Electronic, Garage-Trip Hop and Witch House Rock and Pop sense blends like a spells soup on the kitchen’s cauldron of clay. Assorted your feelings to shuffle and dig easily by the energy off the semi-mainstream Pop-tunes tracks from Role like Shrine II, Ocean, Moonshine, Live Not on Evil and Holy. 

Smile if you’re loving these music or just close your eyes and go blind after few drinks and rubbish news.

How Distant: