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Spite Black Mouth (Crucial Blast 2015)

   The more you tried to entering the tunnel of noisy sounds of this disturbance – the more you being already lost through the maze paths which definitely crosses to nowhere near as the typhoon of sonic Ambient mixed with Industrial Black Metal, Drone or other unearthly samples concluded to this unshaped messenger disc from The Netherlands’ superficial beast solo project of Maurice De Jong whose calling himself as Gnaw Their Tongues. 
Haunting scary to unique must be pops out your head meanwhile the recording proof form this solo project burst from one of the infamous works like the chosen view of Abyss of Longing Throats – undeniably full of hatred, extreme within infections ideas out of the dark corners of hell as well as sarcastic and strongly abusive just like the tracks: Through Flesh, The Holy Body or Lick The Poison from The Cave Walls with the very evil intentions showing on the drooling blood female figure off the cover. Beware that you might be possessed by the noises. 

Abyss of The Longing Throats: