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Somnambulist (Bandcamp 2010)

   A dark descent-based but incredibly turn-out to be a fine musical format of Indie Dream-Pop within a psychedelic views and the excellent poetic group’s name through The Raven and The Writing Desk realized to themselves and the listeners onto them; making Denver, Colorado proud to have them. 
   Assembly of melodies and perfect mellow tension in the blending of both piano to strings arrangements dominates the recording session from the band which never losing the inner serious feelings reactions shared towards the audience whose being quietly, watching, listening or just imagining as the flowing ballads flies within the Summer dusts whirling up the sunny sunshine and clear day without pretension of holding one’s hidden secret down but as the recording called Recidivist squeaking not chirping like how Folk-Indie Pop should sounded seems that the imaginative melting dreams or wishes about finding never-land will forever a quests for a lifetime for every single one dying to have it before death’s crawling to drag you down the dark again. 
   Romantic themes to the bitter lyrics may giving one a good wisdom to re-thinking as those tracks like Marionette, Space Grenade, Firefly, Walk in The Water to The Haunting suddenly, won’t become just a teaser licks to the free listening choice but a mistake of regrets for not having them to your collections of peaceful sullen days.