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Sofa Divonorum (Beats Beyond 2012)

   Why bother for keep watching the skies because the aliens are already here landed and creating a group of Electro experimental and Free-style Psychedelic Pop culture on their own self-esteem characters copying some of the earthlings such as a bad version of Green Lantern courtesy of Marvel and Stan Lee but peeping there in the front cover of thus recording release albumby UFO Hawaii – which clearly, showing that the outer-space travelers wanted us to known that they’re exist and doing the love for music well indeed on this planet. Using the regular silly names like Achim Treu, Andre Dauerfisch, Doc Troid and Kunstler Treu; the abstractive experiments over the group’s Pop-Electric and Leftfield beats in affects shall spreading chills as well as good mood for doing a relax-able flex-actions towards the temporary written down sound of music into tracks further more recording as Hangin’ Ten, Asleep At The Wheel, Time Eaters and ’79 Fame & Fire as most of the songs written completely by Achim Treu and packaging them via Synthetischer Orient where Sounds Exist In Space given the album – Full Fathom Five an excellent non-humanoid taste.

Full Fathom Five: