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Slope Thunderdome (Felony Records 2017)

Practically The Best You’ve Ever Been could be thus favorable lesser-known Power-Pop and Skater Punk anthem recording you might discovers while not on vacations or just being totally blank at the time to then, got your brain smack hard within thus famous fast periods of speeding-bullets with sweetening-like creamy sugar-pops on top on the format of album – recorded, composed and written by Jacksonville Beach, Florida band: Flag On Fire. 
With the group’s motto of living faster and dying younger since the beginning when the group was formed; one might won the hesitate not to spending a waiting too damn long in a room but cracking this shit out loud and go outside to skate-boarding extremely hard as life easily slipping through our fingers completely and days of the young turning to vain older not wiser era. 
One needs to be warned that demands are made to be fulfilled and the songs like One for The Kids, Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em, Micro Aggression Machine, One For The Old Punks aren’t delivering Bad News but the warning alerts to us to do whatever great while we still can before getting dumb, numb and crippled old. 

Hermosa Beach is a good Punk-rocker’s spot with long history to start and Flag on Fire is our band to listening to !