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Slipping Again (Sub Culture Records 2014)

Variations of bad weather colder dreams and fanatic solutions on finishing an unfaithful world of yourself reflecting towards how Techno, Dance Electro of New Wave music scene had to offers and London, UK got its own picking as your friendly side through Naked Lunch; an oldie group from the started career times back to the late seventies by being influenced from Ultravox to Kraftwerk due to all of these modern hedonistic days more resemblance sounded reasonable for this type of performance like them members: Paul M. Davies, Mick Clarke, Tony Mayo, Clifford Chapman or Mark Living. 
Along with the e.p sessions of Evolve burst the monotonous dark-beats of dead-clubber in small flicks of New Wave sounds for the next generation added on the four tracks there; whether Alone or We Are might grow and grows in Glow – faithlessly perfect for thus hope-lost fan !