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Sky Above City Below (Self-Released 2015)

   You can’t stopping Theresa Beth Murphy – whether she’s growling harder with the boys on her heavy metal extremists group like Manhole, Tura Satana or My Ruin or being next exiting to her own corrosive brand new soloing arts on the Old-School Rap and Hip-Hop music mixing through the infamous Ruthless recording company as being the only one white female Rap goddess dwelling there; you might not be so surprising to hear the best of her as the ultimate Queen as Tairrie B rolling thunderous and flowing the harsh lyrics about depression stories, illegal issues or being quite wiser writing her own materials got helped by her boyfriend Mick Murphy doing the drums, bass, and guitars perfectly as couple for this awesome dark and dangerous album called Vintage Curses and you can’t see the hazardous beauty coming to attack on you from behind the thick veil but the tracks would do their parts in thus bursting authentic non-mainstream beats like Gangsta-shit but more repulsive and venomous as the slow death approaching to the rendezvous stand-off point bursting out like a manic female wrath through Beware The Crone, BTCHCRVFT, Ad Nauseam to Spirit Queen belonging her ability to rapping or destroying ears as Metal Queen as good as it gets and you will admit it instantly – as the heart-beats asking the question about how on earth this recording can be really sounding brilliant as fuck; one needs to not forget that Tairrie B was born and live to rule your damn shitty men’s world within her iron fists and dreadful beauty of a Rap goddess ! 

Vintage Curses: