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Simony Abundant (Escho 2014)

   A Danish not only baking some cookies or soft songs or H.C Andersen but you can meet the armada of Indie-Goth Pop group – Iceage as which with their creative tasty album recordings influenced by whether The Bad Seed or INXS or sadder parts of Irish Pub-Rock but lesser of the Celtic distorted riffs shaker-style there and while a woman found dead lying next to the seems to be a suicide note or just non-sense writing; Plowing Into The Field of Love really whispering some of those annoying but quite entertains as well type of music alternatively blends as experiences as The Lord’s Favorite, How Many, Glassy Eyed Dormant and Veiled or Let It Vanish and Stay performing by Jakob Tvilling Plees to Elias Bender Ronnenfelt to Dan Kjaer Nielsen for Iceage. 

Plowing into The Field of Love: