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Sillage Storm (Bandcamp 2015)

   Southern Australia is a colder meet thus semi-tropical anonymous for a strange place to visit when the weather isn’t friendly it would be a disaster but before you do that just take a short time to try and figure out one of the Adelaide’s Modern Metal or Alternative Rock offering via Dyssidia; Mitch Brackman (vocals), Corey Davis (guitar), Ashley Miller (keyboards), Neil Palmer (bass) and Liam Weedall (drums) crafting the unique sounds of infusing bone-crusher, rich riff-age harmonies to soaring brutal vocals with Prog-Rock-based techniques relevant to blow the hell out of those whom liking to have this type of mixing music and finding it within the release of Children of Aether and Earth. 

Slamming through the head-banging chords and the finest Progressive tempos adventuring tracks whether you loved Brittle Star (05:35) or Aether Eye’s (07:31) – permanently, this songs are about those who being biggest fans of Linkin Park or Dream Theater; shall welcoming this debut !

Children of Aether and Earth: