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Shy Master Hello (Bandcamp 2012)

A Dance-Electro or J-Pop blending made out of New Yorker with her absolute Japanese descendent makes everything clearer into Techo positive and high energy Rap sounds which playful but sharp as well as you listening to the performance from ReniReni (Reni Mimura) within her hyper dancing molecules sparkling everywhere when the songs hit your stereo system in the planning compound of package of recording on Hybrid Girl. 

Party rocking pleasure and animated touches atmosphere binding us up like a cool Xbox or Play-station soundtrack through this album; carrying Judgmental Dramatic Monday or Rock Paper Scissors and many lovely Pop trance quality geisha-voice like Suspect A or Kitty (Initial P Remix). 

The tunes will sending your imagination sky-high onto the other dimension of modern adoration as lovers on lust.

Hybrid Girl: