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Set Haunted June (Bandcamp 2015)

   No bands used its information about the members by only putting many x’s as their names but for the Saginaw – Michigan’s Emotional Hardcore/Metal-Core group Change Is; X can be their vocalist, XX can be the guitarist, XXX is the bass player and XXXX the drummer – perhaps, would be terrifying with unfamiliar scenarios hints of groovy depressive chuckles over catchy Nu-Metal reboots as the self-written of tortured, intense and full of emotions debut recording: Insomnia will strangled your fucking neck up by riff-age or the blasting or double-pedals drumming for Heavy Metal Post-Hardcore show within the tracks on Eternal Sleep, False Psyche, Cold Shoulder, 5 Months even to Loss (ft. Devin MacGillivray of Yuth Forever) delivers the demanding of new world order decoded bar-coding elements viewed as whether a futuristic technology or a destructive anthem forging us to succumbs deeply under the piles of today’s problems.