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Seroquil Animation (DR2 Records 2008)

Powerful Hard Rock commemorated music mixed with Modern Metal and Alternative Rock as you might also adding Symphonic Speed Metal fusion onto them – calling the group as Hydrogyn as formed by the natives West Virginian guitarist Jeff Boggs and Jeff Westlake and with their second full album Deadly Passions strikes down your guts and testing your senses via the displaying of high musical techniques and natural force of smashing sounds towards the track-lists here. 

With the completed formation for Chris Sammons and led singer lady Julie Westlake mixing thus energy captures inside the package of long-time gone nineties era of Hair Metal onto the latest Modern Rock fixing values right over the edgy sounds exploding for On and On, Your Life, Over U, Candles Light Your Face or the great awesome version rocking over Alanis Morissette’s radio hits – You Oughta Know. 

The beauty rocking vocals, the music plan to cranking your stereo in smoke or the essential rock attention as invitation for those who believed in the spirit of loud music must be the aim off this band encouragement. 

Deadly Passions: