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Selah Bathsheba (Bandcamp 2014)

   Meet your crushing Alternative Modern Metal for the Protestant listeners aside of being just dominated by general and regular Christian Community emotional music sound not far in fierce differences but The Saving not feeling ashamed to admitting that this solo project really wanted to touch the images of the son of god via the spirits based from the Jewish amulet in Star of David. Through the recording of David Star; Andres Ortiz of Miami, Florida shows that everything he did here is onto the grace of god and Christian gospel of Heavy Metal meets Metal-Core isn’t a sinful thing to do within spreading the good words of wisdom taken from the bible influences. Bang your fucking head while playing the record and see the truth of delivering sign of times via centuries following thus bashing sounds like on Anointed One, Book of Songs, Goliath (feat. Josiah Lyle from Mouth of The South) to Leader of The Misfits and Maskil. 

There’s more to come and appears as long as the fighting between good and evil continues and this album can be a weapon for overthrown the kingdom of false prophets these days !

David Star: