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Scavenged Dolls (New Line/Silva Screen 2000)

   Where there's evil lurking deeper – there shall be destruction; such a phrase that fitting how the story goes for this American sci-fi horror would thrilling your mind for a very long time not because it conducts bizarre treatments or moving on as a rabid-dog chasing for a psychotic killer with his hidden last victim urges to be found alive by the authority, the FBI and the lab-experimented experts through Neurological Cartography and Synaptic Transfer System in The Cell – a movie directed by Tarsem Singh. One being brought into the entirely new realm beneath our own consciousness where not only lost souls dwelling but like it is been said before – demons and your darker ego lies more sinister plans down there where nobody can see or feel yet but here the lees-experienced but dedicated child psychologist named Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) decided to help the FBI to find the clue all over the crumbs of mysteries surrounding the captured serial killer Carl Rudolph Stargher. Entering the mind of a psycho-deranged and sick-twisted tunnel that leads our beautiful psychiatrist into the limbo and hellish corners of Stargher’s completely doomed brain-cells domain which always dominates the young version of him whose actually being tortured since a little by his step-dad and re-shaping the man growing a Stargher King collecting women victims, putting them died by drowning in a secret chamber facility on an abandoned farmland. Via Trauma, Whalen’s Infraction, Tide Pool, Valentine or The Seduction, Chlorine and Rust and Four and Twenty Blackbirds tracks you will following the very dangerous and deceiving journey ever through the inner madness and unique world of a mad-man ready to capture prisoners who dare entering his; as Catherine and special agent Peter Novak experiences deep inside the unspeakable reality or fantasy made by the killer’s mind or their own in a most twisted ways possible. The Cell not only invites you to witnessing some of the most strange abstracted and un-imaginable sceneries along the movie but also how the music scoring by Howard Shore has made this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – as one of a kind which we can calling it a breakthrough pioneer for the entire newly level of obsessive or megalomaniac theme-based both musical and motion picture. The audiences will have a private time watching the whole sensuality offers by the character of Ms. Deane disguising as whether a futuristic sex-slave, a holy sea-mother to many more undeniable charms and mystic symbolic shown onto the tube. The last temptations and the taken decisions must be made in order to save the missing girl by killing the young boy to end the reign of that serpent-skinned demon forever …