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Saturnino Bars (Midnight Special Records 2015)

Modern movements of capability musicians and girl power not disguising but strongly offers a format of new day’s elements music like it did on this recording of Ataraxia by Michelle Blades and her co. from Victor Peynichou, Alexander Bourit, Thomas Broda and Marius Duflot mixing the Pop-art Alternative noises like a fanatic picnic destinations toward Carthage’s traditional markets or Roman comedy chaos outside the aqua-duct, somewhere near the beach of Palestine.
Whether you might going slower like Paris – France sounds or having a blast on a donkey’s back called a truthful side of Michelle Blades via How Many Shadows Do I Lay On, Needles in Your Pockets or Subtropical Suburban and La Trilogie. 
Thus tracks and many more should attracting more madness inside you to come out and play just like the weird hair-style on the front cover just for nobody’s interactions but eating the Rick Fruit, dancing with Kali or being Crushed (Operator!) by La Armada Cuba …