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Salamanders Tokio (AltrOck 2009)

Issued well as a set-up solo project of a moniker closer to Radiohead’s malediction sorrow tempers product and Paolo D’Alonzo knew that his efforts didn’t go any further without a fully-fledged band unit as the Bologna – Italy guy reset this group with additions from his previous band-members like Giacomo Di Paolo, Emilio Trevisani and Gregorio Salce under the baptizing new name: Chance:Risiko that subsequently releasing their latest debut album later via local label as Sleep Talking; an Avant-Garde experimental Pop-Rock of Bologna sounds that actually really closed to either Scandinavian or UK scenery Indie Music by comparison. 

Get your beliefs floating farther and farther as the mystic themes for Oompa Loompa or Monday Morning Motivation may hardly pressuring thus regular ears just like a heavy duty for Beating a Dead Horse as the vocals voice sounding childish and sadder with the background music means an alternative to not reaching happiness at all but spending a prayer within the sobbed youngsters waiting for their dead parents on the far-side corner of a clinic with no hope.  

Sleep Talking: