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Russland (Self-Released 2013)


   Serbian one man Industrial Rock experimental show from Alex Krieghund or known as Krieghund simply, aren’t carrying any of particular political views or basic but the entire sorrow and painful ever recorded and felt before, after and in-between the great terrible wars or conflicts in human history.  

   For this occasion – Krieghund (of Novi Sad) presenting his obvious warfare works toward Arbeiterklasse (The Working Class) based by the background of the rising points where Bolsheviks in Russia starting their bloody legacy by rebelling against the empire of the Tsar as the true formula for getting rid of the rich and the powerful ended in an October revolutions as bible burnt and being replaced by Das Kapital and the history re-written back via thus electronic Machina onto the late introduction for KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands) as Stalingrad (The Rise of Soviet) crawling faster like a devil’s claws reigning over half of the world as the new threat for the west.