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Running Party Bus (Not On Label 2014)

   Guitarist and co-founder of the most hateful Satanic Heavy metal band of America – Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids’s original six-strings and right hand-man Scott Mitchell Putesky or being well-known as Daisy Berkowitz really knows how to involving his good directions of being a talented musicians even after long directed kick-out from the group that he’s giving birth as well since the first born. Now our Los Angeles born guitar player have walking far far away from Antichrist Superstar-dome and manage to do his solo work through this explicit pearl of recording called Millenium Effluvium as an Alternative Rock musical offers to you and the rest of virtual electro-guitars ensemble within those twelve tracks and one may choose some of them as favorite even for some critics; the soloist acts like this would be rather less-popular than the supergroup or reunion flyers upcoming like a realistic hoax on pages of the magazines. 
   Not to be mentioned but Daisy Berkowitz also sang some of his vocals like a staggering cunt by voice but the techniques sounding overtones powerful and kinds of reminding us to the first days reckoning for Marilyn Manson’s egoistic figure to shines just like the simple tunes on Head, Good Night or Honor whilst the instrumental over Keep Me Warm, Nice Day for a Dream and Hollywood’s Heaven really must a warning signs touching the overwhelming ideas for many people being attracted to American dreams and then, lost without a trace around West Coast. 

Scary horrific of Progressive Rock populist demands sharing the reality towards our silly-minded sending our daughters and sisters to Satan’s playground.

Millenium Effluvium: