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Rotation Taco Wagon (Frontier Records 1989)

   You might not knowing them as The Boatrampmen or The GunSharp’ners but when someone’s mentioning Young Fresh Fellows to you – you and the rest might smiling said that the name is familiar even not as famous as for example Mudhoney or Gruntruck but these “good fellows of Alt-rock” may suits your thirst about having simple music that defines a real independent of Rock style but didn’t quite to loud to bang your ears or having it this way – the cooler version of AOR music minus the silly love lyrics but added with more social values within the messages fits for youngsters ranging from a teenager to adults among forty years old shall loving this Power-Pop stuff. Attached yourself with a more sociable views and how to think about solutions in life rather than being an ignorant just like either Jim Sangster, Kurt Bloch, Scott McCaughey to Tad Hutchison through the fifth albums This One’s For The Ladies projecting Carrothead, Still There’s Hope, Middle Man of Time, Wishing Ring onto Picture Book, The Family Gun or New Old Song. Granted the greater Grungy sounds mixed with Alternative Folk/Country and Pop in between. 

This One's for The Ladies: