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Ron’s Slug Party (New Line/Decca 2009)

   The sixth book series of J.K. Rowling works made into movie yet again continued to proceeding the story about our protagonist character named Harry Potter – one of the student whom becoming the chosen one as the next great wizard of his time helping friends, fighting the evil mobs as well as being confused over his past and future present existence as the epic tales continues here within Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince; written by Steve Kloves and directed by David Yates. As the soundtrack for this brilliant installments being arranged and composed by Nicholas Hooper which celebrating the orchestral achievements for the music scoring higher than the last works as you might capturing not only the eerie sounds harmony but also the bigger atmosphere re-born via thus Celtic and New Age composing to spiritual heart-felt themes crossing to follow every scenery created magically beautiful and some may looking ordinary to some teenagers through their lifetime experiences are there to process by our brains. From how The Story Begins with more conflicts and secrets to be revealed by and for Harry himself found that many girls attracted to him because he is actually famous now but also because his kindness and compassion even when sometimes the audience would cursing his name for being sloppy and hard-headed leaving things to be messed up as well. Ginny Weasley, the subway café girl to some new junior students showing how interesting charm of him once but the real deal goes when Harry Potter must helping Albus Dumbledore the Hogwart’s headmaster to find the mystical Horcruxes and found out about Voldemort’s next evil plan to eliminate the entire order of Phoenix, spreading darkness across the horizon above the witchcraft/wizards world and becoming the absolute ruler of this world. We will see how Professor Snape’s giving his unbreakable vow, The Book contains mysteriousformulas for making potions and chemical advance that being found by Mr. Potter, Ron’s new girlfriend and groupie which actually awkward beyond romance-based and seeing the beautiful Hermione cries but hope lifted-up once again after the treachery of Malfoy’s Mission finally succeeded or Farewell Aragog may causing you to shed a tear as well but as the magic continues; Of Love and War or When Ginny Kissed Harry may then reveals the Slughorn’s Confesssion, a dangerous - Journey to The Cave onto The Drink of Despair. One might going to see some places or creatures that you can never imagined before exists here on the movie. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince original motion picture soundtrack ends with the shocking of Dumbledore’s Farewell like unimaginably credits you didn’t want to have if you’re a real Potter fans but also how The Weasley Stomp or The Friends shall approved one more time that no matter what – we all need to moving on the life by making the right decisions, even if they’re seems to be impossible or really hard to do to let go or to be continued …