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Romancer Hades (Cube Records 2015)

Elemental symbol of the re-direction over how an intro of calm turning to storm really can glossary happens in between the nudity people like adam and eve being plunged onto a new place and re-adapts through quite sometimes via Crystal Lake’s third recording session releases on The Sign really could surprising you while the melodic terms tremendously sounded amazing and the cranking blasts beasty thumps and metallic promises shall blown your face up. 

Japanese crew of Kentaro Nishimura, Ryo Kinoshita, Shinya Hori, Yasuyuki Kotaka and Yudai Miyamoto via Matrix or Prometheus or Dreamcatcher really stings your ass out with the band’s combinations of the best and heaviest sets of Post-Hardcore, Rap-Rock and of course, Metal-Core music as crystal clearer as the water below and the blue skies above bordering the presence of irresistible mankind history.

The Sign: