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Road King (Bandcamp 2017)

There should be more than more good reasons for you to answering the questions about why must people listening to rock and for thus who loved the powerful heavy-duty format of Southern Rock/Stoner/Desert distortions in a high quality grooves, ass-kicking beats, standard tempo and crispy vocals as the group driving themselves under the influences from C.O.C to Clutch as the melodies and the six-strings riff will sending you onto the seventh heaven of guitar-dominance of Rock music that really rocks harder and making you wanted not to stop for head-banging and drink more until the morning light comes. 
Vermilion Whiskey naming themselves as that because they’re sure know how to make you rattles within the energetic riff-o-rama through the band’s e.p album – Spirits of Tradition includes by these six tracks of freedom riding along the highways. 

Listen to The Past is Dead and Come Find Me; Lafayette, Louisiana never fails ! 

Spirits of Tradition: