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Riviera Skyline (Hospital Records 2006)

   Feels the mixing blends like your favorite alcohol drinks over the results on London – UK’s Drum N’ Bass producer and DJ name Jonathan Stanley whose disguising there on the occasional Ghetto Blaster release album as Cyantific. 
Not causing hysteria for the Gundam fans even though the robo-animation on front of the cover slightly by flash looks similar to it but anyway – nobody cares but the music maybe another reasons just like the title spoke for itself – you might be blown out by the beats of mixing Electronic, Rave-Pop, technical moody EDM or representative Dance-Electro touches from the simpliest one to the complicated as well as the classic dirty Rap sounds onto the featuring artists such as Matrix or Diane Charlemagne raising interest and seducing invitation via Don’t Follow, Flashback, Cover Story, Power Surge and Snowflake. 

If you like to go back in time  - this record fits you ! 

Ghetto Blaster: